A selfie ring light provides you the required illumination for quality photos or videos even at night hours and is widely compatible with many devices.

10 brightness modes, 3 color step-less dimming light, white light, warm light, soft light.

Easy to access to any USB port like computer, laptop power adapter.

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In photography ring light is an important tool in achieving great work and for macro photographers to have beauty shots and make their work more lively and vivid.

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1)10 brightness modes.

2) 3 colors, step-less dimming light, white light, warm light, soft light.

3) 2M adjustable light stand suit for universal high, and very stable .

4) With the studio to fill the light photo, portrait self-timer fill light .

5) Photo studio ring led light USB plug fill light .

6) Suitable for social media videos, make-up tutorials, going Live, studio light Photography.

The adjustable 180° Rotation tripod head allows you to find the perfect angle to light up your subject, making your photograph or livestreaming easy.

With the improvement in technology, you can now get some of the best selfies whenever you need irrespective of the time and place. You only need to get a classy selfie ring light that will provide the required illumination for quality videos even at night hours. Besides this, the selfie ring lights are also user-friendly and widely compatible. You can use them with all phone models to get quality and elegant photos.

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