Effective and intelligent: fast cleaning, no random collision. One click open, easy to operate. Multi function vacuuming, sweeping, mop.

Slim body for easy access to sofa and bed. Thorough cleaning: strong vacuum can absorb dust, debris and other dirt.

Vacuum and mop: choose to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the house at the same time for thorough cleaning. Water will naturally be sucked into the mop when cleaning, thus eliminating the formation of puddles.

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A robotic vacuum cleaner that does all your cleaning for you at home sounds like a fantasy, but with the sophistication of today's robot vacuums, which are packed with sensors, electronic eyes and even lasers that offer enhanced computing and cleaning power, that fantasy can be your real life.

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  • Truly Smart
  • Guarantee

equipped with Smart Mapping System to plan the path for each cleaning and navigate to uncovered areas intelligently, fully covering your home with S-shape routes. Initiates an intelligent back and forth cleaning path when cleaning hard-surface floors, providing efficient and thorough cleaning experience!

Will pick dust, debris and anything on the floor. The suction is also powerful enough to be used on pet hair, which is usually a pain to remove!

This Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is fitted with Fall prevention & anti-collision sensors with climbing and virtual protection band (optional) to help detect and avoid obstacles and falls.

We certain that this cleaning robot will solve your smart cleaning needs and that’s why we proudly and confidently offers a 30-day return policy and a 12-months manufacturer's against defects! Contact us in case of any question or queries!


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